Benefits of Mediation in Personal Injury Cases


One of the main reasons you should consider hiring an attorney for personal injury cases is that a lawyer can help with mediation. Mediation involves working out a written agreement between two groups. Here are some of the benefits of mediation and arbitration from E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy in terms of personal injury cases :

1. Higher satisfaction rates

Studies show that people are more satisfied after mediation than when cases go to court. This is definitely an issue to consider when deciding whether or not you should pursue a personal injury case. When both sides are given a chance to share their wants/needs, it makes it more likely that both sides will be satisfied in terms of achieving their goals. However, that is often less likely in a court case in which it’s more likely one side could feel they’ve received an unfair judgement, or simply because they were required to pay a large sum in damages.

2. Faster/cheaper

These are major issues related to mediation. The cost and time required to process a personal injury case can be quite demanding. That’s likely a situation you want to avoid. On the other hand, mediation is usually faster and cheaper. That’s certainly a plus in terms of getting a faster decision and one that’ more affordable. Cases can get tied up in courts for years.

3. Focus is on needs/interests

This differs from a standard personal injury case in which the main issue is the law, and past decisions made on the law. On the other hand, in the case of meditation, the focus is on the two parties’ needs and interests. This will help to ensure that both parties get what they want and need. An attorney can help in the process by finding out what each side wants, and then trying to find a middle ground. However, when a judge or jury makes the decision this isn’t a major factor. Instead, it’s more about the existing laws and past similar cases.

4. Maintains relationships better

A court case can result in long-term anger between two groups. This is even true in the case of relatives and neighbors. However, when there’s mediation about a case of personal injury, it’s more likely that the relationship between the two parties will continue after an agreement has been reached. One of the reasons is that both sides’ needs and interests are considered, so there’s less of a chance of resentment. This is a plus when the two groups have had a previous relationship before the case.

5. Gives sides more power

There are certainly benefits of going through the process of a judge or jury deciding in a case between two parties regarding personal injury. However, one benefit of mediation is that it provides both sides with more power. The attorney will help to make sure that the two sides work together to hash out a deal. However, in terms of the sides having more say in the matter, it’s definitely a plus over a traditional court case in which the judge or jury has the last say.

Medical Malpractice: It Could Happen To You


Doctors are there to supposedly cure patients of their diseases and injuries, giving them the best care they deserve. However, it is common sense that they will not always be a hero to a patient. They do all that they can do to save a person’s life but there are some circumstances they can no longer control. In some rare cases, deaths of the patients are caused by medical malpractice. Victims of medical negligence often file for a medical lawsuit against the hospital or against the doctor.

It is to be noted that there is an estimated 200,000 patients in the U.S. each year that die from medical errors but 80% end with no compensation at all. This is because bad outcomes in the medical world are common and medical negligence is hardly proven. Sometimes, only when the victim goes to a different health-provider do they find out that the previous health-provider has given negligent medical care.

Medical malpractice happens when a doctor fails to practice the standard of care the patient should be rightfully given especially in their vulnerable times. Doctors should never neglect their patients since their lives are dependent on the possible cure they are to be provided for. If ever this happens, even by accident or carelessness, a quick, honest apology might save the doctor from getting involved in a medical lawsuit. This could provide an opportunity for settlement outside of a court trial. Denying it, however, could cause a bigger chaos and the need for litigation, thus, increasing the settlement value.

If there really is a need to file a medical lawsuit against a health provider, one of the biggest challenges is finding proof to truly justify the claim. It’s not only the fact that filing a lawsuit, in this case, is expectedly extremely expensive, stressful and time-consuming. Some hospitals, if sued, will always find a way to defend their doctors to save their hospital reputation to the public. Admitting medical malpractice might decrease the chances of people availing their services. In the end, money is still more important to people than the lives of others who suffered from their mistakes.

That’s why it’s best to choose the best hospital with the best doctors. Sometimes it’s safer and worthy to spend a few more cash in an expensive hospital to avoid spending more cash on filing a medical lawsuit.